Czarkowska Lidia D. (2015) The Homo Creator Model and the Development of Entrepreneurs’ EQ. Group Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Action Research in:PRZEDSIĘBIORCZOŚĆ jednostka organizacja kontekst (eds.) Postuła A., Majczyk J., Darecki M.

The paper outlines possibilities of developing selected aspects of emotional intelligence (EQ) of small and medium business owners in the process of group coaching. The author describes action research method and recounts part of the coaching process aimed at the development of competences related to the emotional intelligence of participants. The paper also presents the Homo Creator model developed by the author for the purposes of coaching services for entrepreneurs. In conclusions, the author presents observations regarding the specificity of running a small firm in the creative sector, with a particular emphasis on challenges faced by artist entrepreneurs.
action research, coaching, emotional intelligence, EQ, entrepreneurship

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